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  1. RedlineRP Server Rules General Rules Youre in-game name must be the same as your discord name. Make sure there is no custom colours in your in-game name. You are not allowed to advertise in your name. You are not allowed to advertise other servers in redlines discord also in dms. No RDM and VDM this is when a gun or car is used to kill someone for no reason. Racism is not tolerated in the server at all. You must not at any time talk out of character in game even if there is fail rp present improvise the best you can and contact an admin after the scenario via the in-game phone or dms. Do not spam in game ooc chat feel free to ask questions but it's not there to be used as an extension to discord general. Hitman rp is not allowed. Gang rp is on hold until further notice. Kidnapping and stealing cars is allowed if there is a good reason to or have a rp in mind but do not involve people or cars at dealers unless set up as they are trying to do their own rp. Do not be toxic to players in ooc, discord or in DM's. No teleporting or no cliping (F2'ing) at any time. No f1/f4 repairing at any time you can use /repair or call for a tow and only use a mechanic shop to fully repair your car. You must not spawn or delete cars in front of anyone for any reason. God mode, Super jump or super punch is not allowed. Your character must be and look realistic (don't dress like a GTA online player) you are only allowed to wear a mask or balaclava if you are planning a robbery, If you turn up to a dealer with one you can be refused a sale and have the police called. You are no longer allowed to kidnap PD and ems as this is unrealistic and takes numbers away from very needed people on duty within the server. You are not allowed to steal police or ems vehicles as this is also unrealistic and rarely rp'ed properly. Do not be toxic towards PD or ems there's rp build up to this but just acting like a big man to anyone who you run into will not get you far in the server, remember without them rp is very limited and why would they want to get on duty if every encounter is toxic. If you are in a drag car make sure you drive it at a sensible speed on the streets to get to the drag strip, you are not allowed to run from the police in drag cars as it is unfair as many drag cars are unrealistically fast, if this rule is not followed, they will be banned from the streets altogether. You are no longer allowed to use sandy runway for drag racing unless invited by Elanip or Treyten, zancudo is fully set up for drag racing as sandy has always been a hot spot for rp this helps with textures. As you may know you are only allowed to carry a pistol unless hunting, the pistols you are not allowed to use are the heavy revolver, marksman pistol or any pistol which is fully automatic. The server is set up so you have no crosshair do not install mods to an able a crosshair as it is an unfair advantage on those who used common sense to realise it wasn't there for a reason. You are not allowed to steal custom cars and sell them with paperwork or make someone believe they're getting a car which you have stolen, make it known in ooc that this is set up for rp purposes only. If you steal a car the rp must be done with it at that time, you’re not allowed to save the car so you shouldn't be spawning it in days later. Please keep swearing down to a minimum or ideally not at all, try to filter yourself when writing in discord to make it a more of a friendly community to be in especially for when new people join. It is very important that the car sales are done to the correct format with the correct car name and spelling, if done wrong a discord helper may tag or DM you in the right direction, this can cause issues when admins/mods look for ownership paperwork to see if you own the car or when you need a fresh set of keys. Do not install or use a macro/auto clicker for doing any of the jobs failure to follow this rule will result in an instant perm ban. Animal rp is allowed but must be conducted properly and as realistic as possible, animals do not talk, drive cars or use guns think through all aspects before doing so. Make sure all cars are registered any car that has a blank plate or a fivem plate will automatically come back stolen, dealers use plates to prevent issues when leaving the dealer, if you fail to change the plate after 24hrs and are not an employee of the dealer the plate will also come back as stolen. You are not allowed to share your redline whitelisted account with anyone, only the person who passed the interview process is allowed on redline if this rule is broken it is a permanent ban. You are not allowed to advertise other servers or discords in dms, all approved discords are allowed to be advertised in redline and of course friends’ discords are allowed, but do not mass DM people from redline to join a discord for no other reason but to increase numbers. When doing criminal rp your only allowed a maximum of 2 people involved so whether it is dealing, stealing cars, robbing shops or any other rp make sure you’re not pushing it towards a gang of people going around to outnumber everyone. If you are sold or gifted a car by someone it is not the admin/mods job to give you the car it's the job of the person who gave or sold it to you. You are not allowed to sell items in game for real life money in anyway, you are only allowed to purchase cars, bikes, boats or houses with in game money, if this rule is broken you will be permanently banned. If you want a discord for your business in redline you need approval for you to advertise it publicly in redline, you are allowed a discord for workers only to keep track of company business. Do not mute TeamSpeak at any time, you must be able to interact with everyone on the server straight away at all times. You are not allowed to apply Armor to any vehicle in the server, this is to allow realistic damage as people use this feature to power game. You are not allowed to use body Armor unless you are police, again too many people use this feature to power game and try and win in a shootout. When a first/second hand dealership rental or mechanic shop are open please do not force a completely different/extreme rp to the establishment, there's plenty of other people around to involve with different rp's. There's a we'll known loophole using the second-hand trade in scheme, if a rare car is traded in for another rare car this will be seen as a trade and the cars and money involved will be confiscated, the cars that are always in question are never on the showroom floor and only traded when another car they want turns up meaning it's not fair game for everyone. If you sell a business with cars in exchange you must put the value of the amount agreed in the car sale and not mark it down as a gift as this would not be true. Do not spam self-promotion with the same video, one post for each video or it will be removed and if it becomes a regular occurrence your privilege to post will be removed altogether. Do not suggest or troll people on the server just to annoy people or make people think you or they are getting something/doing something you are not, saying you are selling a car but its just a troll to get someone to drive somewhere for nothing this doesn't include rp set ups for a sting, also telling people you're do something against the rules but you are not is not allowed. If you have any amount of weed on you must notify people that they should be able to smell it otherwise this is power gaming and can be issued a punishment. The Progen Tyrus vanilla supercar is now banned from being used as it has been exploited because of the speeds it can achieve. Buying & Selling Vehicles Trading cars is not allowed between civs. This includes selling someone a car and then buying a car from that same person. Civs are not to do car park sales selling multiple cars at one spot, you can post them in cars for sale or even better take them to a second-hand dealer. You can trade in a car and cash for a car at a second hand the car you are trading in for must be of higher retail value. You are not allowed over pay or over charge for cars. Do not put in car sale only sell back to me, if you have decided to sell a car it’s their choice if they offer it to you when they decide to sell it. You can only sell a car for retail or under retail also if you got the car second hand it must be sold for the same or under what you paid for it unless you are a second-hand dealer. You are not allowed to tip for cars, this is because people were unrealistically tipping and offering tips to sway a car sale you can however tip if you buy a car from a first-hand dealer as the cars are fair game for whoever is next in line. Second hand dealers are only allowed to profit a maximum of $10,000 and cars must be sold for retail or under, they must be sold at the dealer. Vehicle Ownership You can only spawn and use cars that you own and have bought or rented from someone, spawning cars in that you do not own will result in a permanent ban. You must check your cars are registered and make sure the car is not in Klaus towing or Extreme towing before use this can result in the car being taken off you for auction. Do not use any unrealistic vehicles with guns unless you have permission for rp reasons. Do not use nitrous unless the vehicle a visible nitrous bottle. You can only fly a plane or helicopter if you have the Correct licence to do so. You are allowed to use the f1 modifications and f1 level 6 lowering setting. You are allowed to use F6 camber for looks and racing as it can give a small difference in tuning if used correctly Bike wheelie mods are allowed but this rule will change if there's a misuse of the feature (using it to beat people racing, getting away from police and or to get to a dealer opening) You are not allowed to use torque boost speed boost or any of the downforce or lowering settings in the f4 menu. Drift shift boost (having drift mode on and tapping shift) and brake boost (accelerating and holding the brake) is not allowed as it gives a very unfair advantage. First Hand Dealer Openings You must drive to the dealer in a vanilla GTA vehicle this is to deal with texture loss. You must drive sensibly and rp any accident you have on the way there When in the line for the dealer you must stay quiet and act sensibly do not do stupid things in /me. If any of the rules are not followed you can be refused a car sale or a ban from the dealer> Jobs If you are doing any of the jobs fishing, miner or lumberjack you must use a truck you can spawn in a GTA truck via the f1/f4 menu. When fishing you are allowed to spawn your own boat in via the f1/f4 menu. In every job on the server there is a set maximum amount you can carry if you try to exploit this you will be permanently banned. Pink slips It is now against the rules to run from a pink slip race if you lose. There also must be a third party or a recorded agreement for the race to take place as in the past the loser would just run away making it pointless even asking to pink slip. If the loser of the race believes the other party was breaking a rule to win a race you must report to a mod/Admin who will spawn in the cars to rerun to check. Unrealistic driving/power gaming You must remember that just because your car or bike in game survives a 50-foot jump doesn't mean it's ok to carry on. Realistically the vehicle would be damaged and injuries would have happened. Do not take any normal road cars up mountains or across unrealistic terrain. Police Chases If you are in police chase you Must not change car/colour you can nick a new car but must not delete the original for at least 15mins so the police can find your car and are not looking for a car that now doesn't exist. Quick repair at a mechanic shop is great but when in police chase you are not allowed to do so as it is very unrealistic if your cars dying get out leave it and find a new one, don’t spawn any new cars as that is to convenient and again not realistic in this instance. Other people's scenarios. If you see someone who has been pulled over do not interfere with their scenario unless you are involved, drive past in a normal fashion. If you see a robbery taking place don't be a hero drive to a safe location and call the police. If you see a police chase do not get involved you can give directions if asked by a police officer but do not try to ram the suspect, shoot and or join the pursuit if you want to feel free to join the police force. If someone has set up a rp for example a car meet doesn’t go there to force a completely different rp it ends up ruining the original rp. Cop Baiting Cop baiting is when you try to get police's attention to get them to chase you. Do not keep driving past a stationary police car over and over again at high speed in the hopes of a chase. Do not do burnouts or drift in front of the police if you have seen them and know of their location. Do not try to create a scenario intentionally in front of the police. Metagaming Do not use any information from a YouTube videos to give you an advantage on situations or use the information if you were not there. Make sure you do not use information in ooc/dm to certain people via twitter to give you locations or inside information. Even if you recognise the voice of the player, they might be in a different skin so make sure you don't call them by the wrong name. New Life Rule We don't expect you to change your character or name if you die but you must not use information from before the incident and put a vendetta out on the person who killed you or bring up information from the scene. Even though ems have revived you if you were shot in the head or had a serious injury you will still count that as a death, the ems will take you to the hospital and you will be placed in the morgue. Weapons You are only allowed to use pistol without the use of a silencer. You can use rifles for hunting only. Do not over use tasers and remember all tasers have 2 charges and over 2 uses on one person can kill them. Make sure if you use a large melee weapon like a baseball bat to rp getting it from a truck of a vehicle or from under a desk. Remember that you would not be carrying multiple clips of ammo be realistic with the number of bullets used. Videos & Streaming You are allowed to stream and make YouTube videos on the server. When someone is live streaming on the server make sure you do not use the stream for information you wouldn't otherwise know, wait for an in-game tweet or invitation this also includes moving closer to the person knowing something is about to be tweeted. Just because you are making a video on the server will not allow you to break any rules and punishments will apply the same. The best thing on the server is improvising everything as realistically as you can no matter how wrong or bizarre you never know who is making a video and all matters can be addressed after the rp has taken place. Nothing on any videos from either Elanip or Treyten should be used as an example of how to act on the server or used as an excuse to do it yourself, most of these acts are for content purposes only. Failure to follow these rules above will result in a punishment, we have a very active Admin/Mod Team and if you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to ask anyone of us. Auction car sales rules. 1. You must be the original owner from auction, if you have gifted or sold the auction vehicle at any time this will unfortunately not be a candidate for the sale of the price originally paid, this we feel is fair as you would have been happy with the loss at the time of the sale, also wouldn't make sense for the person who bought it for retail to now profit what was paid at auction. 2. Only vehicles bought from the big main auction will be allowed to be sold at the auction price, vehicles from either the repossessed or KT auction will not have this option as there's to many normal cars to keep track of. 3. If you buy an auction car from someone you can carry on the sale at the same price or less. 4. Second hand dealerships are not allowed to make profit on auction vehicles. 5. When selling an auction vehicle put in the car sale Auction Vehicle next to the name. Member Ranks People with Member role must follow all normal rules. Junior Members have the ability to do the following. 1. Steal PD cars. 2. Kidnap PD. 3. Allowed 2 permissions a month for extreme and set up RP with admins approval. 4. Spawn Props of a limit of 15 props. 5. The use of menyoo. Senior Members have the ability to do the following. 1. Do gang rp/organised crime with up to 4 members on Mondays only. 2. Allowed 4 permissions a month for extreme and set up RP with admins approval. 3. Hitman rp. 4. Spawn Props of a limit of 30 props. 5. allowed access to Auction VIP area. 6. the use of a Micro smg for intimidation aka spraying a building or vehicle in a drive by. 7. The use of Molotov's for intimidation.
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    What is REAL your name? (Not your in-game name): Jeremy delkanic What is your REAL age?: 33 What is your REAL Date of Birth? (Please write your Date of Birth as the Example shown here: 21 JAN 1990): 05/11/1988 What is your steam hex? (The HEX should start with 1100): 11000010ae13cb9 Please provide the URL/link to your steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dragonjay007/ What is your discord name?: dragonjay007#1364 Tell us about yourself?: Well a little bit about myself I'm good to get along with other people honest always willing to help out another person if they need help Really enjoy cars And I like to listen to music movies but really enjoy doing RP scenes he seems especially like an auto dealership that I always wanted in IRL What would you do if you see Elanip,Treyten or another youtuber/content creator in game?: I would rather just mind my own business than failing an rp to meet the streamer, I can even meet him any other day and we are playing rp and we have to give justice to the role we are playing so i won’t come out of my character to talk to him or to meet him. If I meet also, I will be acting according to my Rp. Why do you want to join RedlineRP? I'm really trying to find a good RP community the last 2 communities that I was in the one got shut down and the other 1 I just truly left because they were not really doing the R p's right and I lost my business for stupid reasons How many hours on FiveM do you have (found on steam as Source SDK Base 2007)?: 1,140 Why have you chosen to apply for Redline out of thousands of servers out there? Well the 1st server that I was in I was in there maybe a little bit over 2 years and it got shut down And then the last server II got really upset when they took away stuff for no reason and I saw your guys a server on YouTube and I figured you'd give it a try and I'm just looking for a good place to RP out of Please explain one creative rp scene you have had in the past?: Please be detailed in your answer. Why should we accept you? I have a lot of experience Arianne's been through through 3RP communities these I've also been part of a staff civ manager for American gaming force I really enjoyed doing R p's and I get to do stuff that I dream of doing in IRL If someone holds a gun to your head (in-game) what would you do?: When I see a person with the gun pointing at me I will be scared as I saw gun with a person so now it is my life and death situation also i will tell I won't disagree with him I will do as he tells me to do or order me to do and follow all the instruction given by him so that he won't be harming me also so I wont make them anger by disagreeing to any of their words so it may cost my life also i will be just silent and try be calm and do what he says. Post a screenshot of your FiveM hours below: Your required picture should contain BOTH your Steam Profile and Source SDK base 2007 in one, CLEAR photo. Your GTAV Hours are not needed. -- Sign The Statement Below jeremy delkanic "I (insert legal name here) agree to be recorded without my direct knowledge by content creators. I agree that this content can be monetized and uploaded wherever the creator sees fit." ReplyForward
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