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redline application 1.0.0

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About This File

What is REAL your name? (Not your in-game name):
Jeremy delkanic

What is your REAL age?:

What is your REAL Date of Birth? (Please write your Date of Birth as the Example shown here: 21 JAN 1990):

What is your steam hex? (The HEX should start with 1100):

Please provide the URL/link to your steam profile:

What is your discord name?:

Tell us about yourself?:
Well a little bit about myself I'm good to get along with other people honest always willing to help out another person if they need help Really enjoy cars And I like to listen to music movies but really enjoy doing RP scenes he seems especially like an auto dealership that I always wanted in IRL

What would you do if you see Elanip,Treyten or another youtuber/content creator in game?:
I would rather just mind my own business than failing an rp to meet the streamer, I can even meet him any other day and we are playing rp and we have to give justice to the role we are playing so i won’t come out of my character to talk to him or to meet him. If I meet also, I will be acting according to my Rp.

Why do you want to join RedlineRP?
I'm really trying to find a good RP community the last 2 communities that I was in the one got shut down and the other 1 I just truly left because they were not really doing the R p's right and I lost my business for stupid reasons

How many hours on FiveM do you have (found on steam as Source SDK Base 2007)?:

Why have you chosen to apply for Redline out of thousands of servers out there?
Well the 1st server that I was in I was in there maybe a little bit over 2 years and it got shut down And then the last server II got really upset when they took away stuff for no reason and I saw your guys a server on YouTube and I figured you'd give it a try and I'm just looking for a good place to RP out of
Please explain one creative rp scene you have had in the past?:
Please be detailed in your answer.

Why should we accept you?   I have a lot of experience Arianne's been through through 3RP communities these I've also been part of a staff civ manager for American gaming force I really enjoyed doing R p's and I get to do stuff that I dream of doing in IRL

If someone holds a gun to your head (in-game) what would you do?:
When I see a person with the gun pointing at me I will be scared as I saw gun with a person so now it is my life and death situation also i will tell I won't disagree with him  I will do as he tells me to do or order me to do and follow all the instruction given by him so that he won't be harming me also so I wont make them anger by disagreeing to any of their words so it may cost my life also i will be just silent and try be calm and do what he says.

Post a screenshot of your FiveM hours below:
Your required picture should contain BOTH your Steam Profile and Source SDK base 2007 in one, CLEAR photo. Your GTAV Hours are not needed.

-- Sign The Statement Below jeremy delkanic

"I (insert legal name here) agree to be recorded without my direct knowledge by content creators. I agree that this content can be monetized and uploaded wherever the creator sees fit."


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